What are wool socks?
Real silk stockings are woven from real silk fabrics. Real silk fabrics are relative to simulated silk fabrics. They generally refer to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, castor silk, and cassava silk. It is a very expensive fabric, widely used in clothing and furniture, and is famous for being difficult to care for and comfortable and breathable. Its skin-friendly nature is unmatched by all other fabrics.

Features of silk socks
The biggest advantage of silk socks is that they are very breathable, so compared to other materials of socks, wearing silk socks can reduce foot odor.
Good dyeing performance
Silk fabrics have excellent dye properties and can be dyed with acidic, neutral, direct, active, cationic, reducing, soluble reducing, and insoluble azo dyes. But it is easily damaged in alkaline medium, so acid dyes are generally used as the main component, supplemented by neutral, direct and reactive dyes.