What are wool socks?
Wool socks are sock products knitted with pure wool yarn as the main raw material. They are mostly low and medium gauge single…The fabric structure is mostly flat stitches, strips, plain uneven or embroidered weaves, with a soft hand feeling , Good elasticity, strong warmth retention, moisture absorption and breathability, etc., suitable for making various styles of short and mid-line men’s and women’s socks.

Features of wool socks
Advantages: It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong moisture absorption, and good warmth retention. Wool socks can firmly lock the heat inside. They are good products for keeping warm and cold. They are not easy to freeze feet in winter, and they are also particularly soft and comfortable, warm and breathable.
The unique fiber structure of wool can maintain a high degree of dryness even when the feet are sweating, which facilitates perspiration, quick drying, and heat preservation. Unlike chemical materials, it also naturally resists the growth of bacteria in the moist environment of the feet.