Novelty socks information
Novelty socks are popular socks with novel designs. The heels and ankles of the socks in the photo simulate the mouths of animals and people, full of childishness and humor. When the ankle part of some socks is folded or unfolded, the image of a hat or animal face will appear, and cute design elements such as bow knots or animal ears will be added to the ankle part.

Novelty socks features
1. Good compression feeling: It can wrap the feet strongly, which greatly reduces the fatigue of the feet due to exercise;
2. Good breathability: The vent design is reasonable, and it will not cover your feet even if you wear it for a long time. Whether it’s shopping for a long time, or playing basketball, there is no feeling of covering your feet, it should be said that it has good breathability.
3. Strange design: a variety of novel patterns and design elements are eye-catching.