What are printed socks?
Printing socks refers to the pattern design of socks machines, such as computerized jacquard knitting socks machines. One needle selection drum can be used to select needles, and a variety of minute needle methods can be used to knit a variety of colors. Or first use a sock machine to knit the socks, and then use an embroidery machine or printing machine to embroider or print the socks, and finally make printed socks.

Features of printed socks
Although the pattern is very complicated, the details are still very clear, and the overall feeling is delicate and delicate.
Knitting patterns can show the unique texture of the fabric and are used to highlight the three-dimensional texture of the fabric.
The color of the print changes naturally and has a sense of luster, which not only enhances the beauty of the shoes, but also makes your overall collocation more glamorous.