The origin of Christmas stockings
A Christmas stocking is a stocking worn by Santa Claus at Christmas. According to the “Bible” records, saints from the East gave gifts when Jesus was born. This is the origin of the custom of Santa Claus giving gifts to children. British children put long socks by the fireplace on Christmas Eve, and believe that Santa Claus will come down from the chimney at night and bring them socks full of gifts.

Christmas socks features
Socks are indispensable for Christmas, whether it is a matching outfit or a decoration at home. There is no denying that in wearing, socks can always add a sense of layering.
Whether it is a combination of flat-bottomed Oxford shoes, doll shoes or slippers, the ankle part is slightly piled up, or the high socks that are raised up are all made with better proportions to enrich the integrity of the whole body. These fancy Christmas cotton socks bring a strong sense of Christmas.
This gift is good in quality and cheap and meaningful.