What are crew socks?
The crew socks are made of fabrics such as mercerized cotton, wool, nylon or metal yarn as raw materials and knitted with knitting machines. The socks are ribbed, and the sock body is decorated with nets, crochet patterns or jacquards. Usually worn with skirts or shorts. There are a variety of colors, if the color is in harmony with the clothing, it will have an obvious decorative effect.

Cleaning of crew socks
When washing crew socks, try to choose warm water hand washing. Never throw the socks directly into the washing machine for washing. The rapid rotation of the washing machine will cause severe damage to the socks, causing the socks to lose their original elasticity and luster. If you want to wash in a washing machine, it is best to put the socks in a sandy mesh bag first, and then put them in the washing machine for washing. If you wash by hand, don’t rub it with hard soap or sprinkle with detergent. The best way is to gently rub it by hand with detergent. After the socks are cleaned, try not to twist them too hard, so as not to damage the fiber organization of the socks.