Information about fuzzy socks
Are the fuzzy socks made of a thin layer of fine fleece that grows on the outer skin of the goat and hides the roots of the goat’s coarse hair? Compared with wool and other fibers, cashmere socks have a better feel than wool socks , Is also more warm and thicker, it is a good product to keep warm in winter.

Fuzzy socks features
1. Slender, soft and warm. The raw materials of plush socks have high natural curling degree. They are tightly arranged in spinning and weaving, and have strong cohesion, so they have good warmth retention, light weight and slippery feel.
2. The color is natural and soft. The raw materials of plush socks are highly hygroscopic, can fully absorb dyes, and are not easy to fade. Compared with other fibers, it has the advantages of natural luster, softness, purity, and beauty.
3. Flexible, elastic, full-feeling, soft, and elastic knitwear, comfortable and natural to wear, and has good reducing properties, especially when it does not shrink after washing, and has good shape retention.