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Description: Women’s Ankle Socks Sexy Ultra-thin Elastic Silky Short Silk beautiful girls socks
Material: cotton
Size S,M,L
MOQ: 100pair
Needle Types 96N, 108N, 120N, 144N, 168N, 176N, 200N, 220N, 240N. Different needle types depends on the size and design of your socks.
Color red,white,black
Lead time: 3-5 days for ready produced items20-25 days for customize order, it depends on order quantities
Trade term: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment term: Western Union, L/C, T/T
1). Full payment for stock goods.
2). 30% amount as deposit, 70% balance should be paid before delivery for OEM order



Silky Socks are made of nylon yarn. Silky socks are not easy to smelly feet, and they are light and breathable, and their appearance is very high. However, one of the more regrettable places is that the silk socks are not very wear-resistant and easily get holes. At the same time, real silk stockings are popular with men, women and children because of their easy-to-wash and dry, strong and durable, good flexibility, and variety of colors. Specific choices for different wearers
The advantage of real silk stockings is that it retains the original soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable advantages of cotton socks, and can be as thick as silk stockings. It is a thin cotton socks that is smooth and wear-resistant in the true sense.
The color of real silk socks is brighter than ordinary cotton socks, and the color fastness is also stronger than that of ordinary cotton socks.
Therefore, silk stockings have become the best partner for leather shoes. Real silk stockings can be summarized in six words: “tight, loose, large, smooth, uniform, and clear”, that is, the top and the bottom of the socks should be tight, the bottom of the socks should be loose, the heel of the socks should be large, the surface of the socks should be smooth, and the mouth should be flat without skew. The needle texture is clear, and the pattern, toe and heel of the sock have no exposed needles.
Some people confuse real silk stockings with silk stockings. The two are completely different.