There are many types of socks, which can be classified according to the raw materials, organizational structure, length of the socks, the structure of the socks, and the specifications of the socks:

1. Classified by raw materials
According to the raw materials used in knitting socks, it can be divided into cotton yarn socks, woolen socks, nylon stockings, stretch nylon stockings, nylon-cotton blended stockings, cotton and acrylic blended stockings, and natural stockings;

2. Classified by organizational structure
According to the knitting organization of socks, it can be divided into two categories: plain socks and floral socks. Single-cylinder plain socks are one-color plain stitch socks. Flower socks can be divided into jacquard socks (single jacquard weave), embroidered socks (embroidered yarn weave), mesh weave socks (overhead weave yarn), striped socks (exchange the horizontal connection organization of different colors), terry Socks (terry tissue), etc. But there are also two kinds of weaving, such as jacquard embroidered socks, jacquard striped socks, and mesh embroidered socks. The plain socks knitted with double needle cylinders are of rib weave. Flower socks are jacquard socks (double-sided jacquard weave), embroidered socks, plain concavo-convex composite weave), embroidered concavo-convex socks (embroidered concavo-convex composite weave);

3. Classified according to the length of the socks
Generally can be divided into three kinds of stockings, half socks and short socks, in addition to pantyhose;

4. Classified by sock mouth
Generally, it can be divided into flat mouth long socks, mid-heeled socks, single lug, double lug, elastic lug, rubber false lug and fancy lug socks, etc.;

5. Classified according to the size of socks
According to the performance of the raw material and the reasonableness of wearing, the specifications of elastic nylon stockings are based on the difference of two centimeters in the bottom of the socks, and the difference of one centimeter for other socks. The size of the socks is the size indicated by the trademark.

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