What are sports socks?
Sports socks are a kind of hosiery, also known as thick-threaded ball socks or rebound socks. The appearance is the same as that of ordinary single-leg socks. The thickness and number of yarns used in the socks are obviously different from other single-leg socks. . Sports socks are generally woven with four 36 gauge yarns. Because the threads used are thicker and the number of yarns is large, the texture is thick, strong and wear-resistant, suitable for sports hobbyists. Sports socks can be worn comfortably and can protect the feet. Compared with ordinary socks, they have better moisture absorption and perspiration performance, and can give athletes a certain degree of protection during exercise. Therefore, they are named sports socks.

The principle of choosing sports socks
First, in the choice of material, it is necessary to choose a pure cotton texture. The pure cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat, and feels comfortable to wear, especially during outing sports. The disadvantage is that the cotton fiber does not have a very good moisture removal effect. After the cotton fiber is wet, it dries very slowly. If you are doing activities for multiple days in the rainy summer, try not to wear pure cotton socks.
Second, the elasticity of sports socks is better. The socks with good elasticity fit snugly and won’t slip. After washing the socks with poor elasticity, the fibers are clumped, resulting in deformation of the socks and uneven parts. People may feel abraded during exercise. When shopping for socks, look at whether the elastic fibers at the waist (luokou) of the socks are broken. If they break, you should never buy them.