How to choose the socks size?

The specifications of the socks are indicated by the sock size, and the size of the socks is based on the actual length of the socks. Therefore, you can choose the right socks after you know the length of your feet.

However, due to the different raw materials used in socks, socks are also different in the sock size series. Among them, elastic nylon socks have a difference of 2cm in length as the first gear, cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, blended socks, etc., have a difference of 1cm as the first gear.

From the perspective of men’s socks, if the size distinction is particularly strict, it can be divided into sizes from 39 to 46 like shoes, where 39 represents a foot length of 24.5, and 46 represents a foot length of 28. The intermediate lengths are all incremented according to 0.5cm.

Women’s socks must also have the problem of socks size. Women’s socks are sizes from 35 to 40, of which the foot length is from 22.5 to 26. It is worth noting that the foot length of 25.5 and the foot length of 26 are both 40 size women’s socks. From 22.5 to 25.5, it also progresses by 0.5. Although some ordinary socks manufacturers will mark their socks, they do not produce such detailed socks. Most of them have three sizes of S, M, and L.

For girls, S size is generally 36 to 38 shoe size, while M size is 38 to 40 shoe size, and L size is 40 to 42 shoe size. For boys, S size is 39 to 41, M is 41 to 43, and L is 43 to 45.

Baby shoes size comparison
1. In the season of wearing thin socks, net foot length +0.5~1.0CM=inner length of shoes.
2. In the season of wearing thick socks, net foot length +1.0~1.5CM=inner length of shoes.
3. For shoes with low backs (the season of wearing thin socks), net foot length + 0.5CM = shoe inner length.
4. For shoes with high back upper, net foot length + 1.0CM (minimum increase) = shoe inner length.


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