What are ankle socks?
Ankle socks are very short socks, so short that you can’t see the socks (or only the edge of the socks) after wearing the shoes, and the sock mouth is below the ankle. Because the length is up to the ankle, they are called “ankle socks” and “super short socks”. In Taiwan, they are mostly called “invisible socks.” They are socks with a length of up to 5 cm above the ankle and are wrapped when worn. The whole ankle; socks are a kind of socks, suitable for people of all ages, very comfortable and beautiful to wear.

Ankle socks use
Reduce friction between feet and shoes;
Keep feet warm; absorb foot sweat.
Ankle socks are worn when wearing shoes that cover the entire ankle, such as sports shoes, boots, and leather shoes.
When wearing sandals or slippers, few people are accustomed to wearing socks.