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Name            Functions sports socks

Color             off white/black/grey

Material        Nylon/Cotton/Nylon/Coolmax

Size            37-42/42-45

Needle         count144Nterry

MOQ             100pairs and Customized order MOQ 1000pairs

Weight           low cut42g/ankle48g/crew65g

Season           all season

Seam              Hand linking/Machine linking

Feature          Compressive/breathable

Package         10pairs/bag,10pairs/box

Shipment          Express (DHL/Fedex/UPS), Airfreight, Sea freight

Delivery time     2-5 working days after payment was done

Payment          T/T, Paypal,Alibaba Assurance Payment




The principle of choosing sports socks is that you can’t wear sports shoes barefoot for any exercise, even if you just walk for 10 minutes. Often at the end of a ball game or a physical education class, it is found that the feet are worn out with blood blisters.  There are the following principles for choosing socks:

In the choice of material, it is necessary to choose a pure cotton texture. The pure cotton material is soft, absorbs sweat, and feels comfortable to wear, especially during outing sports. The disadvantage is that the cotton fiber does not have a very good moisture removal effect. After the cotton fiber is wet, it dries very slowly. If you are doing activities for multiple days in the rainy summer, try not to wear pure cotton socks.

Sports socks have better elasticity. The socks with good elasticity fit snugly and won’t slip. After washing the socks with poor elasticity, the fibers are clumped, resulting in deformation of the socks and uneven parts. People may feel abraded during exercise. When shopping for socks, look at whether the elastic fibers at the waist (luokou) of the socks are broken. If they break, you should never buy them.

Sports socks are not as thick as possible. It is necessary to decide whether to choose a thin or thick one according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, people who are prone to sweating should choose a thicker one; otherwise, choose a thinner one. For some sports, such as badminton, thick socks will affect the feeling of your feet, so buy thinner ones. In addition, if the ankle joint is injured, thick socks should be worn to fix and protect the ankle.

Wear special sports socks for special items. Participate in certain sports to wear special socks, some antagonistic events, such as football, socks have a high waist, the purpose is to protect the lower legs, must not be ignored in sports.